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Virtual Design and Drafting Office: A remote work center with zero investment

The Virtual Design and Drafting office model is popular among engineering firms that are comfortable in management of technology development and innovation and look to Offshoring as an extension of their diversification strategies. Moving development of some/all projects is a way of extending their geographic footprint. Companies can use these offshore centers to gain access to specialized labor, resource pools and to markets that would otherwise be closed because of political or cultural factors.

Setting up an additional office to grow your business can be a real challenge. You have to make a huge investment in office space, facilities, softwares and of course, human resources. As your new office location may be unfamiliar, there is a risk that you may not get it right. Your investment may not fetch you the returns you expected.

To minimize the risk involved, you can choose a remote office in India.Rightserve can provide your own virtual office with virtual employees with zero investment

Virtual Design and Drafting Office - What is it?
A Virtual Design and Drafting office is a remote work centre of an engineering company, set up and run by Rightserve in India.
Some features of a Virtual Design and Drafting Office are:
We set up your offshore design and drafting center so you don't have any start-up capital expense.
We hire best-fit local engineering resources.
You can actively involve in the recruitment process.
You can remotely manage the dedicated virtual employees.

Virtual Employees

Rightserve recruits Design Engineers, Detailers and Draftsmen according to your requirements and you can involve in every stage of the recruitment process. You can screen the candidates, conduct online assessment tests and take part in the interview process through teleconferencing.

The selected candidates become dedicated virtual employees of the client company but you don't have to incur any welfare costs, expensive insurance, taxes, etc of them. Virtual employees can be monitored and managed remotely via email, chat and teleconferencing.

The Benefits of a Virtual Design and Drafting Office
Having a virtual office allows a business to take advantage of the services of an expert outsourcing provider, while retaining control over processes and resources.
Some benefits of a Virtual office outsourcing model to a business are:

Minimal investment in infrastructure and resources.
Concentration on core-competencies as service provider takes on responsibilities.
Access to wide-range of best-fit local human resources.
Ability to scale up or scale down operations quickly.
Economic Leverage of a skilled offshore team dedicated for your projects.
Business growth with relatively less effort.

To know more about Virtual Office, please write to info@rightservesolutions.com
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Start your own virtual design and drafting office with zero investment.
Offshoring Engineering Services is a method to alleviate immediate workforce and increasing cost.
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